Reserving a kitten.

We open our waitlist when kittens are born. The fee is $100 to be in the Priority Waitlist and it is counted into the adoption fee of the kitten. Kittens are reserved in the order of deposit received when they are about 8 weeks old. Another $400 is due when you reserve a kitten (total of $500). After those in the Priority Waitlist have reserved their kittens, any available kittens will be listed on our website (here). The reservation fee is $500 for pet and $800 for show/breeder kittens


The reservation fee is non-refundable but can be transferred to other available kitten or be placed on hold for future litter. 

We reserve the rights to keep any kitten for breeding advancement. We reserve the rights to deny any family that we deemed unfit for adopting our kittens. 

Placement Fee.

Each kitten is evaluated individually and priced accordingly.

  • Pet quality kittens might or might not be mismarked on their faces, ears, bodies, paws, or tails. Often times our pet kittens are as good as show quality kittens. Pet quality kittens are $1700 - $1900. Please read the kittens information page to learn about what are included.

  • Show quality kittens will be evaluated daily for their development. They will have no mismark on faces, ears, bodies, paws, or tails. They are generally larger with nice boning and muscle throughout their body. These kittens are priced individually based on quality. 


  •  Show & Breed quality kittens are show quality kittens with breeding rights. We only placed kittens with breeding rights to approved catteries. These kittens are priced individually based on quality and parentage line. 


Any questions, please contact us here

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