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We are a a ragdoll cattery located at Fairview, NJ , just 15 minutes from Manhattan, New York City. Our cattery specializes in pure bred, traditional ragdoll cats, which means they are all colorpointed and have blue eyes. We do not breed mink, sephia, or solid cats. We breed our cats with high ethics and we are proud of it.


  • Our cats are not caged. They walk around the house and they are a big part of our family. This is why they are very friendly and well socialized. They get used to sharing living space with other cats and also with young children. 

  • We let our queens rests after giving birth. We do not breed back to back because, like human, cats need to recuperate after they give birth.

  • We feed our cats quality food and provide them with fresh water every day. We clean their litter boxes several times daily and wash them weekly.

  • Our cats receive regular health check up. We do not take them for granted and we do not cut costs on their well being.

  • Our queens and kings come from champion line and we make sure we only breed ragdoll cats with up to standard qualities.

  • We are involved in mentoring program and we keep on learning to be a better breeder. 

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