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Daffodil - Available. Ready to go home after 4/19/24

She is a seal bicolor girl. She has a nice and balanced personality, very gentle and yet playful. I would rate her playfulness 9/10. She likes to sleep on soft beds and also prefers wet food. She has a very unique marking on her face, it seems like a full moon appeared in the middle of her forehead. She is $3000. 

Abacus Crunch - Available. Ready to go home after 4/26/24.

He is a big blue lynx bicolor boy. He is a serious looking fella with a not so secret gentle personality. He is the most mature behaving one in the litter. I would rate his playfulness level 8.5/10. He has amazing show potential. He's got an excellent big head, great boning, and a nice profile. He has a slightly darker marking that gives his stripes more definition. He is the largest one in the litter. He is $3300.

Noodle - Available. Ready to go home after 4/26/24.

She is a stunning blue bicolor girl. She loves the wet food so much more than the dry food. She is can be very vocal especially when she demands something (usually either food or some cuddle time). She is smaller than the boys but she plays just as hard. She is not afraid to bump heads with them. She is one fierce lady! I would rate her playfulness level 9/10. She has perfect marking all over. She is $3200.

Waitlist Open


Waitlist is open for this litter. There are 2 blue bicolor boys and 3 blue mitted girls. They will be ready to go home mid of July.

Email us at to join. 


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