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Litter, Litter Boxes and accessories:

My favorite cat litter is pine pellets because it's natural, safe, less tracking and no fine dust. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with automatic litter boxes, and, due to it's non-clumping nature, you need to scoop the litter box more frequently. I highly recommend scooping the litter box at least twice a day. 


American Choice               Feline Pine Original             Petmate Shifting Litter Box            Frisco Shifting Large Litter Box               DuraScoop Litter Scoop



However, if you prefer clumping litter, I would recommend The World's Best Cat Litter. It's less dusty than traditional clay litter and it's lighter which makes it easier to scoop. Here are the links to The World's Best Cat Litter, as well as litter boxes and litter mat I would recommend:


The World's Best Cat Litter        Basic Litter Box: Litter Genie          Hooded Litter Box: Catit Jumbo          Hidden Litter Box: Good Pet Stuff          Litter Mat


My regular cat grooming involves a scissor style cat nail clipper, a steel comb, a slicker, and a deshedder. 

Nail Clipper                             Comb                              Slicker                             Deshedder

Cat furniture:

My go to brand for cat trees is New Cat Condo ( Check them out! For cat scratching post, here are my favorites:






Pet Fusion Scratcher Lounge                    Pioneer Pet Scratching Post


I feed my kittens Nulo Freestyle Cat & Kitten Chicken & Cod Recipe Dry food and home made wet food. You can slowly introduce them to any wet food of your choice a week after they came home. Please do not change their dry food diet until after they settle into the new environment. Give them 1-2 weeks to acclimate before introducing new diet.

Nulo Cat & Kitten (Chicken & Cod Recipe)
Pine Litter Pellets
Lost Soles
Running Suits
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