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Visitation Policy


Please review the following policies regarding visitation.

  1. Visitation is allowed when the kittens are at least 8 weeks old. 

  2. Everyone is allowed one visit after placing a deposit and before bringing home the kittens. 

  3. Visitations are by appointment only. 

  4. Please limit the number of visitors to 2 people max.

  5. Please do not visit any other catteries/shelters/pet stores on the same day you visit ours. 

  6. When visiting, please leave your shoes at the door. Shoes track germs from the street and can jeopardize the health of all of our cats.

  7. During visitation, you can play with the kittens from outside the pet gate using the toys provided. 

  8. Since we have cats walking around our house, please refrain yourself from chasing or following them around the house. 

Thank you for your understanding.

When can your kitten comes home?

Our kittens are ready to go home at around 13-14 weeks old after they recover from spay/neuter procedure.

I understand that by this time you have been waiting for what seems like to be forever to have the kitten at home in your arms. However, it is very important for the kittens to be healthy physically and ready mentally before it's placed in new homes. You do not need to worry about missing the kitty stage of your baby. There's still a lot of that until they are at least a few months older! In return for your patience, you will get a strong and happy four legged fur baby.

We will let you know when they are ready, and then schedule a pick up time.


Bringing home your kitten.​ 

An appointment should be made before you come to pick up your kitten. Please refer to our visitation policy; the same rules apply for when you are picking up your kitten. Placement fee must be received in full amount and contract must be signed before you bring the kitten home. Do not forget to bring the following items:​

  1. A pet carrier.

  2. If you live more than 3 hours of drive away, please bring food and water bowls for kitten to eat and drink at rest stop.


If you couldn't come to bring your kitten home, delivery is possible. Please discuss options with us.

We will open our doors for visitation again beginning August 2021.

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